Welcome to Royal Mods | Custom PS3, PS4, and Xbox One Controllers

The Royal Mod

Our Royal Mod is the most advanced chip out there that will help you crush the competition. Our Royal Mod comes standard with EVERY mod available, and works flawlessly on almost every FPS. Each controller installed with our Royal Mod comes with a manual to help you get the most out of your modded controller. A small switch is placed behind the right thumb stick to easily configure your mods (PS3 feature only).

  • Rapid Fire: Turns any single shot or semi-automatic guns into fully auto. This setting is fully adjustable with 10 different modes to suit any FPS you come across.
  • Burst Fire: Makes fully automatic weapons fire in bursts of bullets, and is fully adjustable to your needs. Adjust your Burst Fire shoot 2 or more bursts depending on your liking.
  • Drop Shot: Allows you to drop to prone as soon as you start firing. Includes the option for “tactical” layout and includes 4 sub modes.
  • Mimic: Gives you the ability to control “L1 and R1” by simply clicking only R1.
  • Akimbo Rapid Fire: Allows you the ability to shoot dual wield weapons rapidly.
  • Auto-Aim: Automatically lock on target while aiming down the sites while your playing most single player campaign modes or “Zombies” (works best with games that have aiming assistance).
  • Fast Reload: Shave precious seconds off of your reload time.
  • Auto-Sniper Breathe: Automatically hold your breathe while aiming down the scope of your sniper rifle.
  • Quick Scope: Scope and fire automatically at the fastest time possible
  • Jitter: Turn any weapon into full auto (dependent on in-game mechanics).