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Sticker Bomb

Sticker Bomb
  • Sticker Bomb - PS4
  • Sticker Bomb - PS4
  • Sticker Bomb - PS4
  • Sticker Bomb - PS4
  • Sticker Bomb - PS4
  • Sticker Bomb - PS4
  • Sticker Bomb - PS4
  • Sticker Bomb - PS4
  • Sticker Bomb - PS4
  • Sticker Bomb - PS4



Organized Chaos


Face it… A Dualshock 4 isn't the best sticker organizing medium.

Even though these might not be scratch-and-sniff stickers (unless you consider plastic, primer, paint, clear-coat sealant, and palm sweat a desired scent), the crazy Hodge-podge of colors and shapes will sure be delightful eye treat.

PS: This is probably the weirdest description for a PS4 controller design— we're proud of that accomplishment…


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Tired of loosing while your playing online? Or maybe you’re a winner but want the extra edge while gaming online?

Royal Mods is here to help.

These controllers fit any gamers’ needs. Options and mods on your controller are totally up to you— and we never overcharge for additional mods, so you can have your perfect controller at the best price!

We offer the most advanced options to help any game dominate online, and also showcase the most stunning designs and color choices that will amaze you and your friends. Add LEDs to make your controller illuminate on a late night gaming sessions.

For gamers, by gamers.


Royal Mod

Our Royal Mod is the most advanced chip out there that will help you crush the competition. Our Royal Mod comes standard with EVERY mod available, and works flawlessly on almost every FPS. Each controller installed with our Royal Mod comes with a manual to help you get the most out of your modded controller. A small switch is placed behind the right thumb stick to easily configure your mods.


Paint Finish

Royal Mods gives you the option weather to have a glossy finish or a satin finish on your controller. A glossy finish will give your controller a high sheen coating (shiny) and smoother feel. A satin finish will give your controller low sheen, semi-matte coating, and adds a textured surface to the controller for better grip.


Button Sets

Tired of the stock buttons? Add some color to your controller with a set of colored button sets. Every controller comes with a free button set upgrade.

Note: If you would like to add LEDs to the buttons of your controller, please select one of the translucent “LED Capable” options.


Bullet Buttons

Add something different to your controller. Our bullet buttons are high quality, aluminum-alloy, silver Winchester 9mm Luger based rounds. They replace your Circle, Triangle, Square and X.


LED Options

Do you like late night gaming? LEDs extend your customization possibilites! The lights use your controller’s battery as a power source, and turn on and off with your controller.


Controller Indicator LED

Controller Indicator LEDs are the standard indicator lights on the top of each controller. This LED can be customized to any color— this option is a free upgrade on every controller.


PS Button LED

Add a little spark to the boring PS button and add an LED to it so it lights up. PS Button LED mod is free when you choose to fully LED mod your controller.


Landing Strip LED

A Royal Mod Exclusive LED Mod which adds a set of three LEDs on the inside handles of your controller. They will constantly pulse/blink randomly and give the look of plane landing lights. The landing strip LEDs are internally powered and automatically turn off with the controller.


USPS Priority Mail (2-3 days): $10


USPS Express Mail (2-3 days): $35


USPS Express Mail (5-10 Days): $45

*Tracking is included. International is express mail only, it is the only service that provides tracking. Express Mail provides Royal Mods and you, the customer, with piece of mind knowing where the package is at all times.

Royal Mods controllers are compatible with the latest Playstation 3 and Playstation 4 games.

Call of Duty: GhostsKillzone Shadow FallBattlefield 4Grand Theft Auto VCall of Duty Black Ops IICrysis 3Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3Medal of Honor Warfighter